Welcome to Best Blog for Kids Who Hate to Read, a family blog for kids and their parents. This blog started in April, 2011. It has been and continues to be a wonderful experience for me.

February 22, 2013, I switched from WordPress to Blogger. If you subscribed through my WordPress blog, I hope you will subscribe again! 

I write for 3 audiences: kids, parents and teachers. I hope you will read, enjoy, comment (please!) and share.

We all read, but have different reading attitudes:
1.     I love reading!
2.     I like reading.
3.     Reading is okay but I can think of 9 other things I’d rather do first.
4.     I hate reading.

Which one are you?
Did you pick #3 or #4? That’s OK. You may not like reading because you just haven’t found the right books. I want to help you with that.
This blog is a place where I can tell you about:
  • Books for kids I think are fun and worth reading
  • Fun reading games and book sites
  • My ideas about books and reading

And I want you to tell me about:
  • Books you like
  • Reading games and book sites you think are fun
  • Your ideas about books and reading

This blog is also for you. Do you have a reluctant or struggling reader at home?

I’m a retired teacher who has spent the last 30 years working with these unenthusiastic readers. My hope is to reach out and connect them with books they want to read. If you see something here that may catch your child’s interest, please show him or her this site.

I’m also a writer of kids’ books. I've written two middle grade novels and I’m working on a third one, plus an easy reader mystery series. My books aren't published … yet. But when any of them are, I’ll let you know!

In addition to learning about books, reading games and book sites that your family may enjoy, I hope you’ll share your family favorites.

This is also a place for you. Please tell about:
  • Books that your students love
  • Reading games and book sites that your students enjoy
  • Your ideas about books and reading
This is a three-day-a-week blog:
Monday:          Books
Wednesday:    Parent Post
Friday:            Fun Stuff

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