Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Family Fun: Get Out of the House!

Even though I often think of winter as being an inside time of year, I also know I need not limit myself this way. Researching outdoor winter activities has given me lots of new ideas for enjoying winter this year. I hope you find some activities that will get your family moving and grooving while the cold weather is here.

Jump Snow Hurdles, Flag in a Snow Stack, Strike Out (this looks really fun)…

National Wildlife Federation 
This is great: there are options for lots of snow, a little snow and not a snowflake in sight.

Yahoo! Voices
Snowshoeing, toboggans, dog sledding…
Snow play and snow sports

Family Education
Powder Puff Football, Snowball Relay, Footprint Tag…
These are not all outside, but at least they are out of the house – bowling, museums, ice skating …

Looking for things to do when the weather is just too wintery to play outside? Check back next week for Winter Family Fun: Indoor Activities

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