Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Reading Tips

Summer is a great time to bring home the message that reading is fun. It’s a time for reading just what you want, rereading favorites as often as you choose, discovering new information and listening to great stories in a leisurely way. It’s a time to leave homework (ugh) and reading instruction behind. It’s all about reading  pleasure and practice. Just let it flow….
  • Be a reader yourself. Show your kids that you value reading by reading yourself.
  • Read aloud, read aloud, read aloud! Be creative – read alouds aren’t just for bedtime. Try between choreswhile waiting for appointments, dinner to be done, food in a restaurant, waiting in line at the beach
  • Connect read-aloud choices to summer activities. Going on vacation? Find some books about your destination – books for reading aloud plus books at your child’s level. Try to wow each other with new information about your destination. Make a list of must-check-out things as you read about them.
  • Gift Shops Look for books, brochures, maps and other written resources along your way, either about the places you’re visiting or future vacations.
  • Create a document/scrapbook of your trips. Pictures, captions, brochures, postcards… anything that will help you remember your time.
  • Allow your child to choose his books. Summer is for fun! Sure, we want to learn too, but fun comes first.
  • Help your child select books at a comfortable level. See Matching Books to Readers.
  • Don’t limit summer reading to books. Try magazines, brochures, comics, directions, maps, atlases, cereal boxes...
  • Audio Books These are great for the car, while cleaning and other chores, before bed…
  • Read a book and watch the movie together. This works for movies in theaters and movies you rent or get from the library.
  • Reread your favorites. Summer is a great time to read old favorites, either independently or as a read aloud. Maybe create a shared book list of everyone’s favorite kids’ books. Then trade books!
  • Act out the stories! Okay, many of us adults don’t like dramatics but go ahead, give it a try. This works best with shorter picture books but it also works with scenes from longer books.
  • Readers Theater Next week's Books post will be about Readers Theater and plays. As a teacher, I found short plays to be just the thing to get some kids reading. Take a look at Monday’s post for ideas. Try writing some plays yourself!
Online resources for summer ideas:
Menu Memory Game
I love this idea! Please check it out and let me know how it goes.
Resources used to compile this list:
PBS Parents
Reading Rockets
North Shore Pediatric Therapy
What are your summer reading plans? Write them in the Comments box. I hope this summer is your best reading summer yet!

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