Friday, September 16, 2011

Sites About Giant Pandas, Wolves and Turtles - Fun!

The books in Monday's post, Another Great Nonfiction Series for Kids, featured books about giant pandas, wolves and turtles. The sites in today's Fun Friday post gives us more information about these animals. Check them out. Be sure to see the video in the last site. I had to watch it several times!

National Zoo
This site has coloring, a jigsaw puzzle, a mask craft, an activity book with lots of information about giant pandas and more.

Gulf of Maine Aquarium
Go to this site for turtle information, turtle crafts and ways you can help endangered turtles.

The Kids’ Times
This site has lots of information about 6 species of sea turtles.

Wolf Park
This site has wolf information, printable games and activities, and information about Wolf Park in Indiana.

National Geographic Kids
Be sure to click on each tab, especially the Video and Sound tab. It has a wonderful wolf video and an eerie wolf sound track.

I've enjoyed learning about these animals this week. I hope you have too. Do you have any animals you'd like to learn more about? Write them in the Comments box!

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