Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Complex Issue of Homework Part 4

This is the last of my homework posts . As I researched this topic, I came across several books that had tips and strategies for helping out with homework challenges. To give you an idea of what is included in each of these books, I've listed some or all of the chapter headings.

Same Homework, New Plan by Sally G. Hoyle, PhD
This book has 10 chapters. Lots of good information!
  1. The Homework Wars
  2. The Causes and Costs of Underachievement
  3. Short-Term Solutions for Tonight (includes handy Homework Diagnostics Charts 1 & 2 and Homework Feelings cards)
  4. Helping Your Child Become More Organized for the Long-Term (includes Homework Diagnostics Chart 3)
  5. Low-Tech and High-Tech Homework Aids
  6. Your Homework Allies
  7. Tips and Techniques to Help Parents Keep It Together (includes Homework Diagnostics Chart 4)
  8. The Homework Activist
  9. I Finished My Homework

Home Sweet Homework by Sharon Marshall Lockett
This book contains 23 chapters. Some of them include:
  • How Can I Help if I Don’t Understand It?
  • She Doesn't Remember from One Day to the Next
  • He Can’t Sit Still Long Enough
  • The Dilemma of the Working Parent
  • How to Maintain an Assignment Sheet and Notebook
  • How to Study for Tests
  • It’s Boring, Boring, Boring!
  • I Understood it in Class
  • Where to Find Help

Research Ate My Brain: The Panic-Proof Guide to Surviving Homework by Toronto Public Library
This book is written for kids and is focused on homework that involves research. It’s quite kid-friendly, well-organized and sprinkled with comic strips to keep it visually interesting. I’m guessing it will appeal mostly to kids who want to do their homework but are having difficulty getting started and/or organized. There are 6 chapters.
  1. The Dummy-Proof Work Plan
  2. Libraries: Project Parts under One Roof
  3. Searching in Cyberspace
  4. Libraries in Cyberspace
  5. You Be the Judge: What’s Good? What’s Bad? What’s Ugly?
  6. From APA to MLA: The ABCs of Citing Sources

Homework Talk : the art of effective communication about your child's homework by Cheli Serra, M.Ed. and Ruth Jacoby Ed.D.
This book identifies 52 typical homework situations and provides tips, strategies, and advice for handling each of them. There are 5 chapters.
  1. Why Homework?
  2. The Homework State of Mind
  3. No More Homework Hassles
  4. The Homework Contract
  5. It's All About Homework

Homework Heroes by Drew and Cynthia Johnson
This series has 3 books, each covering a different grade span.
Volume 1: Grades K-2
Volume 2: Grades 3-5
Volume 3: Grades 6-8
Each book has 3 chapters.
  1. Developing Good Homework Habits
  2. A Review of Basic Math Concepts
  3. A Review of Basic English Habits
I see these books as a wonderful resource for parents who’d like to help with their child’s homework but haven’t a clue as to how.

I hope these homework posts have been helpful. What are your best tips? Please share!

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