Monday, October 3, 2011

2 Exciting Adventure Books for Kids

This week’s book post has only 2 books but they are terrific. The author, Dee Garretson, has written adventures I simply could not put down. I kept thinking, “How will the kids get out of this predicament?”

 The characters are strong and smart. Each time, they think of some ingenious way to solve a really tough problem.

 I think these books would be outstanding family read-alouds. (Or classroom read-alouds, if you’re a teacher reading this.) Either that, or read it in bed, under the covers, with a flashlight!

Wildfire Run
Luke is the son of the President of the United States. This means everywhere he goes, he’s followed by Secret Service agents to keep him safe. He and 2 friends are at the presidential retreat, Camp David, for what was supposed to be a vacation. And even though the security at Camp David is extremely tight, they manage to have fun.
 A serious wildfire breaks out in the forest near Camp David. It injures and possibly kills several adults while everyone attempts to evacuate. Luke and his friends are left on their own and must use their wits to overcome each disaster as it happens. You can feel the heat of the fire on every page.

Wolf Storm
Stefan is a first-time actor in a sci-fi adventure movie. This would be an ideal job – filmed on location in the mountains with a famous teenaged actress. Even better, he’d be working with trained wolves and cool spaceship props. However, he doesn’t know how to act, a young kid has latched onto him and the actress hates him. Plus, there are wild wolves lurking around the set.
 A blizzard strikes and an avalanche destroys their hotel. Stefan is stranded in the mountains. Only the kid, the nasty actress, an aging actor in poor health and the wolves, both trained and wild, are with him. Can they safely wait to be rescued?

 I hope you will check out these books. Adventure awaits!

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