Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Literacy Part 2: Crafts

While compiling this collection of Thanksgiving crafts for families to do together, I concentrated (mostly) on the ones that focused on harvest, tradition and thankfulness. (See Part 1 for last week's ideas.)

Thanksgiving Collage
Collect old magazines, catalogs, and sales papers with plenty of pictures. Cut out pictures of the items you are most thankful for. Neatly mount pictures on colored paper. Beneath each picture, write the name of each item. Arrange pictures on poster, bulletin board, wall, or door.
Chain of Gratitude
Cut colored paper into one-inch strips. On each strip, write something you are thankful for. Tape or staple strips into rings and intertwine to form a "chain of gratitude." See who can form the longest chain!
Thanksgiving Certificates
List three or more people for whom you are thankful. Beside each person's name, write the things about that person for which you are thankful for. Now, create a "certificate of appreciation" to tell each person how much you appreciate him or her.

The following are from KabooseFamily CraftsDTLK and Artists Helping Children.

Next week I'll have lots of ideas for family cooking for Thanksgiving. If you send me one of your favorites in time, I'll add it!

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