Monday, September 17, 2012

Books on the Edge: Icky, Creepy and Bizarre

Are you looking for books that are kind of gross? Then you may be interested in a whole new set of books I've discovered. They are Edge Books from Capstone Press. Edge Books cover a really wide range of subjects.
Today's books are from 3 of their series: Horrible Things, Sanitation Investigation and Forensic Crime Solvers. Not for the faint-hearted!

 Terrifying, Bone-Chilling Rituals and Sacrifices by Kelly Regan Barnhill
Here are a few of the chapter headings, to give you a really good idea about what this book is all about: Self Mummification, Gladiators, Fire Walking, Human Sacrifices. Like I said, not for the faint-hearted!
Also in this series:
Bizarre, Creepy Hoaxes
Blood-Sucking, Man-Eating Monsters
Sick, Nasty Medical Practices

 Garbage, Waste, Dumps, and You: The Disgusting Story behind What We Leave Behind by Connie Colwell Miller
According to the author, most people in the U.S. produce about 4 pounds of garbage a day. That's an awful lot of trash. Read this book to find out about garbage, the history of dumps, the dangers of trash and more.
Also in this series:
Sewers and the Rats That Love Them: The Disgusting Story behind Where It All Goes 
Do You Know Where Your Water has Been? The Disgusting Story behind What You're Drinking
Getting to Know Your Toilet: The Disgusting Story behind Your Home's Strangest Feature

 Blood Evidence by Barbara B. Rollins
Do you watch detective-type shows on TV? Lots of them show how forensic evidence such as blood and fingerprints are used. Blood Evidence gives background on blood, bloodstain patterns, DNA and other things crime scene investigators look at when investigating a crime.
Also in this series:
Cause of Death
Fingerprint Evidence
Handwriting Evidence
Word Evidence
Earth Evidence
Insect Evidence

These books won't appeal to all readers but if icky, creepy and bizarre are your thing, you'll love them!

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