Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrating Thanksgiving with MORE Books

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away! Just enough time to read a few more Thanksgiving books...

  Thanksgiving Graces by Mark Kimball Moulton, illustrated by David Wenzel
A boy helps his family prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Every few moments, someone new comes to join them. How will they feed all of them? The rhymes and pictures make this a great read-aloud.

Fat Chance Thanksgiving by Patricia Lakin, illustrated by Stacey Schuett (sorry, no link)
When Carla and her mother had a fire in their apartment building, they moved into a hotel room. After a year, just before Thanksgiving, a new apartment opened up. It was small and there seemed to be no way they could have a Thanksgiving feast. Carla figures out a way.

  ‘Twas the Night before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey
Based on ‘Twas the Night before Christmas, this story tells about a field trip to a turkey farm. In the end, Farmer Mack Nuggett is confused and the turkeys are enjoying their new homes. Fun!

An Outlaw Thanksgiving by Emily Arnold McCully (sorry, no link)
Have you ever heard of the famous outlaw Butch Cassidy? This book is based on a true story when Cassidy and his gang gave a Thanksgiving feast. In 1896, Clara and her mother are traveling west by train when snow blocks the tracks.  They a re stranded until the train can be dug out. While they wait, another passenger invites them to celebrate Thanksgiving with his friends. The host is Butch Cassidy. This a true Thanksgiving story of generosity.

  Thanksgiving Mice by Bethany Roberts, illustrated by Doug Cushman
A group of young mice are putting on a Thanksgiving play. They tell a simply told version of the Thanksgiving story. Make sure you take a careful look at the illustrations. They’re pretty funny.

 Don’t Know Much about: The Pilgrims by Kenneth C. Davis, illustrated by S.D. Schindler
Set up in question-and-answer form, this book tells a lot of interesting information about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. I certainly learned some new stuff. The illustrations are fun and helpful.

 Thanksgiving Day at Our House: Thanksgiving Poems for the Very Young by Nancy White Carlson, illustrated by R.W. Alley
The poems range from serious to silly. All are illustrated by pictures that perfectly match the poems.

 Junie B. Jones, First Grader: Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff) by Barbara Park
Junie B.’s class is entering the school’s Thankful List contest. The class that writes the best list of things they are thankful for wins. What is Junie B.’s class thankful for? Cranberry sauce that’s shaped like a can, exploding biscuits and other things her teacher would never have thought of.

Have a joyful Thanksgiving!

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