Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Tasty Cookbooks for Kids

There are lots of cookbooks for kids out there! For this  post, I choose books that had mostly simple recipes and clear pictures. When  you look for cookbooks in your library, look in the J 641(call number) section.

By the way, you may be like me. I read cookbooks for 2  reasons. Some I read because I like to cook and I’m looking for new recipes.  Others I read just because I like to read about food!
Pretend Soup by Mollie Katzen
Each recipe has 2 parts. The first part has the regular  recipe with a note to parents and cooking tips. The second part shows the directions in pictures. The Pretend Soup recipe is real and is an uncooked fruit soup. I’m looking forward to making it.
Salad People by Molly Katzen
This book is set up the same way as the one above. I’m planning to try the Tiny Tacos recipe – made with tortilla chips.
Kids in the Kitchen by Chicken Soup for the Soul
This is a fairly big book with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. It also has Chicken Soup for the Soul short stories between the recipes. The recipes are clearly written with photos of kids cooking.
Paula Deen’s Cookbook for the Lunch-Box Set by Paula Deen
This book has some fairly advanced recipes but they’re written so clearly, I think it will work well for young cooks and their helpers. There are many clever chapter headings, like The Bake Sale, Pool Party, and
Christmas Cooking Party.
Banana Berry Smoothies by Brekka Hervey Larrew
Along with a smoothie recipe, there are ones for other breakfast dishes, such as Cheese and Sausage Omelet, Berry Fizzy Pancakes (got to try these) and Crispy Apple Strudel. There are little bits of interesting food
information throughout.
Super Simple Lunches: Easy No-Bake Recipes for Kids by Nancy Tuminelly
No-bake is a good thing! This book starts with basic cooking instruction for skills such as chopping, dicing and grating, plus explanations of cooking tools. The recipes include wraps, salads and rollups.
Peanut Butter Party by Remy Charlip
This author has written several successful picture books, including Fortunately. This book has several easy and clever recipes for entertaining party guests (Name Game, Art Party, Monsters You Can Eat…). It also has peanut butter history, jokes and games.
India by Julie McCulloch
This book is part of the A World of Recipes series. Other titles include: The Caribbean, China, Italy, Japan and Mexico. Each recipe has 2 photographs: one shows the dish itself and the other shows some part of the recipe preparation. Years ago, I was pretty excited when my son started to accept foods from other cultures. This series would have been perfect.
Indoor S’mores and Other Tasty Treats for Special Occasions by Nick Fauchold, illustrated by Rick Peterson
I love s’mores, so any cookbook with them in the title is going to catch my eye. The recipes are organized by difficulty: easy, intermediate and advanced and are nicely illustrated. Recipes include Apple Party Punch, Sleepy Day Chicken Noodle Soup and Happy Birthday Cupcakes. This book is part of the Kids Dish series.
Kids’ First Cookbook by American Cancer Society
Drawings and photographs throughout this book make it attractive and easy to follow. There are recipes for all parts of the day, from breakfast to main meals to snacks. Each recipe is rated with 1 to 3 mushrooms for difficulty.
Do you already cook? Do you have a favorite cookbook? If you aren’t a cook yet, would you like to give it a try? Let me know how it goes!

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