Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Promoting Literacy Through Christmas Music

There’s nothing quite like Christmas music. It sends us into that Christmas place like nothing else can. It draws people together. It also gives opportunities to practice reading skills. There may be challenging words but since the lyrics are familiar, they are less threatening. Consider trying some of these ideas:

Family Sing Along
  • Brainstorm carols (religious) and songs (non-religious) that you know and enjoy.
  • Look up the words to the carols and songs.
  • Print them up or display them on your computer screen.
  • Sing with or without a CD to back you up. Don’t have any Christmas CDs? Try your library’s music section.
  • Sing!

Singing Challenge
  • Choose a carols or song – either individually or as duos.
  • Practice.
  • Choose a judge.
  • Perform.
  • The judge chooses the best performances.

Singing Non-challenge
  • Same as above but with no judge.
  • Consider singing for a neighbor or relatives.

Taped Performance
  • Do you have a video camera? Tape your performances to appreciate next Christmas.

Here are some sites with the words of several carols and songs.

DLTK Christmas Songs (scroll down to the songs) provides words for several songs and carols, with music for some

Apples 4 the Teacher  provides words for several carols

The Holiday Zone: Religious Songs includes new religious songs that are set to common tunes

The Holiday Zone: Secular Songs  includes non-religious songs that are set to common tunes

I hope this Christmas is a musical one for you. Everyone sounds good when singing Christmas music!

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