Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rescued Readers: The Power of Literacy

Today’s post is from Rescued Readers, a wonderful organization cofounded by Tammy Flowers. This is Rescued Readers'  second time on my blog and today they have a lovely contest!

Rescued Readers helps classrooms in America collect books to donate to students in Africa. In the process, the students connect with and learn about another culture. Once collected, a small team from Rescued Readers hand delivers these books to a predetermined location in Africa.

Rescued Readers: The Power of Literacy
Tammy Flowers

Who is Rescued Readers? Our passion is the education of the whole child. Every child. We believe strongly in the power of community. We believe that we have something to share with children halfway across the world…and they, in turn, have something to share with us.

While our children saunter into libraries and choose bags full of books to borrow, these children hold tight to a page, knowing the value of these words.

Books Rule!
Many African villages lack resources…our own villages lack perspective. This is why we bring books to Africa…and this is why we allow our own children to gift the books. We seek to partner with a nation and learn and grow together. True community invokes change in all persons connected.

Rescued Readers is about relationships…friendship. It’s about connecting cultures and creating community. There are many ways we could choose to connect with a nation. We choose literacy. It’s the tie that binds…the vehicle within which we cross an ocean, connect with a soul, and hold hands with a child.

Our mission is simple, but bold. Let’s share our books…and let them share their gratefulness. Let our children share their abundance of words so they may learn first hand the most important word in our language: Thanks.

Join us as we embark on an adventure…a journey. A journey to bring the solitude of a story to villages in Africa. A journey to fill bookshelves and enrich minds. A journey to bring perspective and gratefulness to our own children. Partner with us as we make a commitment to love the whole child and take that child on his own journey…through the pages of a book.

WIN a FREE collection of books!
Multiple ways to enter!
  • Comment on this post.
  • Like Rescued Readers on FaceBook and leave a comment. Facebook
  • Follow Rescued Readers on Twitter and tweet about our website. Twitter
  • Buy a Rescued Readers t-shirt that says “My t-shirt helped to bring the gift of literacy to children in Uganda. What can your shirt do?” Rescued Readers Shop


Yep!   That’s right, you could enter the drawing up to 4 times!!!
You could win a learning library of 26 humorous storybooks that build phonemic awareness and teach each letter of the alphabet. 26 colorful 16 page storybooks and an 128 page teaching guide filled with lessons, alphabet activities and reproducible mini-book versions of all 26 books.

Thanks, Tammy for this terrific opportunity! Everyone, remember to leave a comment!

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