Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Activities for Super Summer Reading

There are lots of fun summer activities that have reading built right in. Here are a few.

  • Act out books! Okay, many of us adults don’t like dramatics but go ahead, give it a try. Acting out stories helps kids experience story structure. This works best with shorter picture books but it also works with scenes from longer books. Fairy tales work really well.
  • Readers Theater As a teacher, I found short plays to be just the thing to get some kids reading. Take a look at Monday’s post for ideas. Try writing some plays yourself!
  • Summer Crafts Check out this post for crafting ideas.
  • Invent something – This may be a little more than you have in mind, but what an inspiration! Caine’s Arcade
  • Create your own August holiday Did you ever notice that August has no major holiday? Take this as an opportunity to create your own! Pick a day, choose a focus (National ____ Day), plan decorations, food, throw a party!
  • Make your own audio book Choose a book that is comfortable to read, practice a bit, record and enjoy!
  • Learn a new skill Juggling, knitting, magic tricks, animal tracking…
  • Summer scrapbook Brochures, stuff found, pictures, crafts…
  • Fresh Air Ideas  These aren’t exactly reading ideas but they look like lots of fun so I had to include them.

Resources used to compile this list:

Check out this post, Several Super Summer Reading Tips for more ideas. What are some of your ideas for summer fun? Write them in the Comments Box!  

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