Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Dozen Summer Books

There are so many books that are just right for summer! Here are another dozen books. 

 Camp Babymouse by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
Babymouse always makes me laugh. This time, she’s at summer camp and it’s not going well. In fact, she’s doing nothing right and her cabin mates can’t stand her. Will they win any of the competitions?

 Young Cornrows Callin Out the Moon by Ruth Forman, illustrated by Cbabi Bayoc
Not every fun summer is at camp or in lazy backyards. This book is a lively poem about summer on the streets of South Philadelphia. we don have no backyard / frontyard neither / we got black magic n brownstone steps
The illustrations are as wonderful as the poem.

 Summer Beat by Betsy Franco, illustrated by Charlotte Middleton
This book begs to be read aloud. Clickity-clack (skateboard), swish swoosh (hammock), bizzle-bzz (bumblebee), fwit fwit (spitting watermelon seeds)… It really sounds like summer.

 Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
If you are already a fan of Ehlert’s books, you can picture the big, bold illustrations. Ehlert takes us step-by-step through ordering bulbs and seeds, planting them and watching them grow. This is an oldie but goodie.

 Little Cloud by Eric Carle
Laying on your back and watching clouds is a terrific summertime activity. Maybe you’ve seen clouds that look like trees and sharks and sheep?

 Mr. Putter and Tabby Clear the Decks by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Arthur Howard
Ever feels so bored you are itchy? That’s how Mr. Putter and his cat, Tabby feel. They ask their friend, Mrs. Teaberry and her dog Zeke to help. Adventure awaits! This is an early chapter book.

 Amanda and the Really Hot Day By Jean Van Leeuwen, illustrated by Ann Schweninger
It’s a really hot day and Amanda Pig looks for ways to deal with the heat. This is a great book for one of those days when it’s so hot, all you can do is still under a tree and read a book. It’s part of the Oliver and Amanda Level 2 Reader series.

 Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Peter. H. Reynolds
Judy’ parents are going to California without her, and her best friends are gone for the summer. And who is this Aunt Opal who’s looking after Judy and her brother, Stink? This in NOT going to be a good summer! Or… maybe it will?

 Annie and Snowball and the Book Bugs Club by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Suçie Stevenson
Annie wants Henry to join the summer reading club at the library with her. At first Henry is not too crazy about the idea but Annie has some great reading-in-good-places ideas. This is a Ready-to-Read Level 2 book.

 Super Duck by Jez Alborough
I think summer is a great time to fly kites and Duck agrees. In fact, he is so enthusiastic, he becomes Super Duck. His friends Sheep, Frog and Goat are not so sure he's all that super, but in the end...

 Pop! A Book about Bubbles by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, illustrated by Margaret Miller
Summer is perfect for blowing bubbles and this book is all about blowing bubbles. It tells about the science of bubbles and gives a recipe for a bubble mixture (it has corn syrup in it!).

 Cool Theme Parties: Perfect Party Planning for Kids by Karen Latchana Kenney
Hoping to have a theme party this summer? Well, this book may be just what you need to make it perfect. It covers the basics, invitations, party favors, food and activities. Of course, you don’t need to do everything it suggests, but it will definitely give you some ideas.

I hope these books get you started on a summer of reading fun. Do you have other suggestions? Write them in the Comments Box!

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