Monday, August 27, 2012

Ten Terrific Books by Barbara Bottner

One of the best things about writing this blog is I get to read lots of books and discover new (to me) authors. Barbara Bottner is new to me but she’s hardly a new author. She’s written over 30 books! Here are just 10 of her books. The books are illustrated by different illustrators and every one is absolutely perfect for the book. Two of the books (Wallace’s Lists and Pish and Posh) are co-written by Gerald Kruglik, Barbara’s husband.

 An Annoying ABC illustrated by Michael Emberly
Anyone who regularly reads my book posts knows I love ABC books, especially funny or clever or quirky ones. Well, this book is definitely funny, clever and quirky! It starts with a quiet morning until Adelaide annoyed Bailey. Bailey blamed Clyde… This is a terrific book!

 Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I don’t) illustrated by Michael Emberly
Miss Brooks loves books a lot. In fact, she’s a bit obsessed. The narrator is not so in love with books. In fact, there’s not a one that pleases her. But that doesn’t stop Miss Brooks and her sometimes outlandish (outlandish is good!) attempts to find the perfect book for her.

 Wallace’s List illustrated by Olof Landström
Are you a list maker? You’ll love Wallace. Do you just go with the flow? You’ll love his new neighbor Albert. Together, they have perfect adventures. I loved how Albert opens new worlds for Wallace and then Wallace steps in to save the day for his new friend.

 Raymond and Nelda illustrated by Nancy Hayashi
Raymond and Nelda are best friends. They laugh together, make up songs and completely understand each other. But then they have a fight. They try to find new friends but no one quite measures up. Their attempts to write each other fall terribly short. If you’ve ever fought with a friend, you’ll understand.

 You Have to be Nice to Someone on Their Birthday illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss
The title states a good rule, don’t you think? Rosemary certainly thinks it’s a good rule. But no one seems to be following it. Her parents don’t wish her “Happy Birthday.” Her teacher sends her to the principal’s office and some awful out-of-town cousins take over the house. What’s going on?

 Pish and Posh illustrated by Barbara Bottner
Pish likes to do things in an organized way. Posh is always curious and seldom has time for order and following directions. When a copy of The Fairy Handbook lands at their door, Posh is delighted. Pish is not. Posh dives right in and uses the book with wild results, including conjuring up a troll, a mermaid and a giant. This I Can Read book is quite fun.

 Rosa’s Room illustrated by Beth Spiegel
Rosa’s family moves to a new house. Rosa has a nice big room…but maybe a bit too big? She works to fix it up but something always seems missing. Maybe a friend?

 Bootsie Barker Bites illustrated by Peggy Rathmann
The girl who narrates this book would like to be a good hostess. But while her mother chats with Bootsie’s mother, Bootsie is tormenting the shy girl. This goes on during every visit until an overnight is planned. If you’ve ever been bullied, you’ll understand this little girl’s problem. But don’t worry, the shy girl solves her problem in a very clever and satisfactory way! 

 Nana Hannah’s Piano illustrated by Diana Cain Blumenthal
Baseball is his passion. Taking piano lessons is not. When his grandmother, Nana, twists her ankle, he stays with her for a week. He teaches Nana to catch a fly ball. She inspires him to learn a song to play for her. (Take Me Out to the Ballgame, what else?) A lovely story.

Charlene Loves to Make Noise illustrated by Alexander Stadler
Charlene is shy. Not sad…just shy. She likes to daydream, go to parties, notice everything and do frog invitations. And when she goes home, she likes to play her drum set. This book is quiet, like Charlene, but it says a lot.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Barbara Bottner’s books. I certainly did!

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