Monday, July 25, 2011

Dodsworth Rocks!

Hooray! The latest Dodsworth book, Dodsworth in Rome, is outIn celebration, I'm reviewing all 4 of the Dodsworth books, plus 2 of Tim Egan's earlier books. I've listed them in the order they were published.
Friday Night at Hodges' Cafe
Hodges' Cafe is a busy place. Everyone enjoys the desserts that the cafe is famous for. One Friday night 3 big, hungry tigers come in, ignoring the No Tigers sign on the door. Things get pretty tense until Hodges' crazy duck saves the day. This is just the first appearance of the duck ...
The Pink Refrigerator
One morning, on his daily trip to the junkyard, Dodsworth discovers a pink refrigerator. Stuck to the front is a note telling him to "Paint pictures," so he does. This starts him exploring all sorts of new things. But these explorations are just the beginning. Read on...
Dodsworth in New York
In his new-found spirit of adventure, Dodsworth sets out for New York. When he gets there, he finds a stowaway in his suitcase - the crazy duck from Hodges' Cafe! The duck leads Dodworth through a fantastic chase through New York. A traveling duo is created...
Dodsworth in Paris
As you can probably guess, Dodsworth and the crazy duck are in Paris this time. Ever hear of the Tour de France bike race? Well, they're in it...
Dodsworth in London
This time Dodsworth and the duck (poor thing needs a name) tour London. They survive a dart-throwing incident and a case of mistaken identity. Don't miss their visit to Buckingham Palace ...
Dodsworth in Rome
This is the newest Dodsworth adventure. Ever heard of the Sistine Chapel and it's magnificent ceiling? I won't give away the story but when the duck notices there's no duck in the entire painting, he does get an idea ...
I hope you'll give these books a try. They have great pictures, are easy reads and are quite hilarious. I wish I knew about them when I was still teaching. My third, fourth and fifth graders would have LOVED them!
Do you have any ideas where Dodsworth should visit next? Write them in the Comment box!

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