Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Books, Part 2

Here's the next batch of books just right for summer reading.Read them alone, read them together, make them a read aloud - whatever works for you!
Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jacky Davis
Lulu is bored but this doesn't last long. Once she rescues a bunch of ants, she goes on to other super-girl adventures.
Where's Walrus by Stephen Savage
This isn't really a summer book but it's such fun, I have to include it. Completely wordless, it follows a persistent zookeeper as he searches for an adventurous walrus. Completely silly and I love it!
Central Park Serenade by Laura Godwin and Barry Root
People unfamiliar with Central Park in New York City may be surprised by what a lush and lovely park it is. Written in verse and gorgeous pictures, this book captures the wonder of New York City's jewel.
Lemonade Sun and Other Summer Poems by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist [JP 811.54 Dot]
If it wouldn't make this post too long, I'd like to copy out several of these summer-perfect poems. The illustrations are great, too.
Froggy Goes to Camp by Jonathan London, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
Fans of the Froggy series will enjoy this tale of Froogy's trip to summer camp. At first, Froggy is dismayed when he sees that his school principal is the camp director. No problem - Froggy finds ways to make the week memorable. His principal will remember it too!
Around the Pond: Who's Been Here? by Lindsey Barrett George
This book is especially suited for reading together. Two kids set out to pick blueberries and as they walk, they encounter things they wonder about. A clue is given, such as a tiny footprint, and the question is asked, "Who's been here?." Readers can guess before they turn the page.
Canoe Days by Gary Paulsen, illustrated by Ruth Wright Paulsen
I'm a big fan of Gary Paulsen's books (Hatchet, Woodsong...), and was delighted to find this picture book. This book wonderfully captures the peace and joy of being out on the water.
Sun Up, Sun Down: The Story of Night and Day by Jacqui Bailey and Matthew Lilly [J 525.35 Bai]
This book follows the sun from dawn to dusk, explaining how light rays travel, how shadows are formed, why the earth's spinning doesn't make us dizzy and more. It's just chock full of interesting information.
Summer Fun! 60 Activities for a Kid-Perfect Summer by Susan Williamson [ J 790.1 Wil]
This book has activities for every interest. There's directions for making stilts and boomerangs. Recipes for fortune cookies and easy strawberry jam. Using Morse Code. Redesigning your bedroom. It's making me wish I were a kid again!
Camp Granada: Sing-Along Camp Songs by Frané Lessac [J 782.42 Cam]
Kids beware! Your parents may go quite crazy with this book. But come to think of it, you'll need them to help you with the tunes for many of them. Besides, every kid needs to know the summer classics, such as, Do Your Ears Hang Low?, Camp Granada, Found a Peanut and Taps. Better yet, show this book to your grandparents - they'll know even more of the songs!
So that's Part 2 of Summer Books. Stay tuned for Part 3! So what good books are you reading this summer? Write them in the Comments box!

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