Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Books, Part 1

Here is a collection of mostly picture books just right for summer reading fun. They are especially perfect for family read alouds. While researching these books, I found I couldn't stop at just 10 books. So ... stay tuned to Summer Books, Part 2!

Molly and Emmett’s Surprise Garden by Marylin Hafner
Molly and her cat, Emmett, are quite close. In fact, they can talk to each other. Together, they plant a garden. You'll find directions for planting your own garden at the end of the book.
Out of the Ocean by Debra Frasier
Reading this book, I longed to get on the beach and start collecting treasures. At the end of the book, there are several pages of information on things you might find on the beach.
Summersaults by Douglas Florian
This collection of summer poems capture summer perfectly. And the pictures are as good as the poems. Well done, Douglas Florian!
Come On, Rain by Karen Hesse, illustrated by Jon J. Muth
I have enjoyed reading several of Karen Hesse's middle grade novels. This picture book is a gem. It made me want to dance in the rain with someone I love.
Flip Flop Bop by Matt Navak
I can't help grinning each time I open this book - the pictures are that fun and happy and lively. And I had to read it aloud, even though I was home alone. There aren't a lot of words but each one begs to be read aloud.
One Dark Night by Hazel Hutchins, illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung
This books makes you say, "Ahhhhh..." It's all about a mama kitten who brings her kittens inside during a stormy night.
NONFICTION [with call numbers for finding them, and books like them, in the library]

Follow the Trail: A Young Person's Guide to the Great Outdoors by Jessica Loy [J796.54]
This book is chock full of information for enjoying the outdoors. Chapters include: Camping, Hiking, Animal Tracks, Weather, Games and lots more.
The Nature and Science of Summer by Jane Burton and Kin Taylor [J 508.2]
This book is all about what makes summer, summer. Chapters include: The Meaning of Summer, Scents and Colors, Time for Feeding, Activities, Websites and more.
Catch the Wind! All About Kites by Gail Gibbons [JP 629.133]
Gail Gibbons is an expert at giving information in ways that make you want to read on. In this book, she tells about kite history, types of kites, directions for making a kite and flying instructions. So ... go fly a kite!
The Vacation Activity Book by Jane Bull [J790.1922]
This book has a ton of ideas for making vacation fun. There are toys to make, crafts to try out, nature activities and even some recipes for traveling food. I hope you can find this book - it's worth checking out.
What books have you read this summer? Write them in the Comments box!

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