Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Books for Weather Enthusiasts

Are you a weather buff? Do you watch the weather and wonder about it? This week's list of books is for you! There are LOTS of books out there about weather. These are just a few that appealed to me.

I found all these books in the library in the J551.5 to J551.6 section. I hope you find some weather books that excite you. The books are organized loosely by reading level. The easier ones are first and get harder as the list goes on. All would be great read-alouds so everyone can get excited about weather.

Science Everywhere: The Weather by Helen Orme
Even though this book is very basic, it contains lots of information. It would be a good first look at weather.

A Pirate Adventure: Weather by Andrew Solway
The idea behind this book is that if you're a pirate (or any sailor) on the seas 300 years ago, you'd better know how to read weather signs. It covers air masses, weather changes, hurricanes and more.

Wild Weather: Hurricanes! by Lorraine Jean Hopping
This Hello Reader book discusses where hurricanes come from, what types there are, and what can be done during one. It concentrates on Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Other Wild Weather books cover tornadoes, lightning, floods and blizzards.

Twisters! by Kate Hayden
This is a DK Readers Level 2 book. It describes how tornadoes form and what effects they have on people and their surroundings. It has plenty of painted illustrations and real-life photos.

Pink Snow and Other Weird Weather by Jennifer Dussling, illustrated by Heidi Petach
This is an  All Aboard Science Reader, Level 2  book. It explains some interesting weather happenings, such as pink snow, raining frogs and 15- inch snowflakes. Fun!

Lightning by Seymour Simon
If you didn't already know that there are many kinds of lightning, you certainly will after reading this book. The photos are wonderful.

Tornadoes by Luke Thompson
This book is a more challenging read than the ones above. However, it's well organized with subtitles (I'm a big fan of subtitles) that make reading easier. There are lots of photos of tornadoes and their destruction, which also help make the reading flow.

The Kid's Book of Weather Forecasting by Mark Breen and Kathleen Friestad
I love this book! It's filled with clear explanations of how various weather is created. It also has lots of experiments to try and weather instruments to make. A perfect book for young and not-so-old weather lovers.

Nature Activities: Weather Watcher by John Woodward
This is another hands-on weather book. It gives instructions on how to do all sorts of weather things, such as making a barometer to measure air pressure, making an anemometer to measure wind speed, creating a rainbow and more.

National Audubon Society First Field Guide: Weather by Jonathan D.W. Kahl
This books starts with a lot of information about the ingredients of weather (moisture, clouds, wind, pressure...). It then provides a field guide to help budding (and more advanced) meteorologists identify 50 types of clouds, storms and other weather events. The end pages have resources for further information.

Have a happy time learning about and measuring weather. What are your favorite weather events? Write them in the Comments box!

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