Monday, August 15, 2011

Really Interesting Animal Books

I have discovered some terrific books that focus on animals. Some are a part of a series, some are not. All are worth taking a look at.

As usual, I've included the call numbers to make it easier to find the books. This will also get you to the right sections of the library in case similar books interest you.

Tails That Talk and Fly [J 591.479] by Diane Swanson
Terrific Tails [J599] by Hana Machotka
While watching the squirrels in my back yard recently, I wondered about their tails. What were they for? Then I wondered about other animals' tail. What were they for? So I did what I always do - I went to the library! These books give lots of information about animals and their tails.

100 Things You Should Know About Horses and Ponies [J031 Bar] by Camilla de la Bedoyere
This is part of an outstanding series. It gives 100 short pieces of information about horses and ponies. It's organized so you can read it cover-to-cover, 1 to 100, or you can start with the Table of Contents and go straight to subjects that catch your eye (Colors and Markings, The First Horses, Hotblood Horses...). Here are a few of the other animal titles in the series:
100 Things You Should Know About Nocturnal Animals
100 Things You Should Know About Whales and Dolphins
100 Things You Should Know About T.rex
100 Things You Should Know About Elephants

Secret of the Puking Penguins...and More! [J 597.9] by Ana María Rodríguez
What a fun and informative book! I guarantee you will learn some new things. This book investigates how chameleons capture their prey with their tongues, what the spots on an alligator's face are used for, how penguins feed their newborns, and how peacock feathers work. At the end of the book are books and websites about the topics. Also in the series:
Secret of the Plant-Killing Ants...and More!
Secret of the Sleepless Whales...and More!
Secret of the Suffocating Slime Trap...and More!
Secret of the Bloody Hippo...and More!

Grizzly Bears: Saving the Silvertip [J 599.784] by Jacqueline Dembar Greene
This book is part of the America's Animal Comebacks series. It covers the work of brothers John and Frank Craighead as they try to save the the grizzly bear, an endangered animal. This book has lots of pictures and clear print. Other books in the series:
American Alligators
American Bison
Bald Eagles
Black-footed Ferrets
Florida Manatees
Florida Panthers
Gray Wolves
Southern Sea Otters

I hope you enjoy some of these books - I know I did! Do you have a favorite animal? Write it in the Comment box!

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