Monday, August 8, 2011

The Usborne Puzzle Books = Fun!

There are at least 3 different Puzzle book series published by Usborne. Today I’ll write about 2 of them: Usborne Young Puzzles and Look-Puzzle-Learn

Both series are like the Where’s Waldo books but I think are much more interesting. The Young Puzzles series is easier than the Look-Puzzle-Learn series. These books would be perfect in the car, the doctor’s office, the beach, a restaurant…anywhere you have to wait.
Usborne Young Puzzles
Puzzle Town by Susannah Leigh
Katy and Time are on their way to a party but don’t know where it is. Follow the trail of clues and puzzles to help them find their way. The trail leads through town and stops at the bakery, toy stop, fruit stand many more places. There are answer pages (yay!) if you get stuck.
 Other titles in the series include:
Puzzle Castle
Puzzle Jungle
Puzzle Island
Puzzle Ocean
Puzzle Pirates
Puzzle Pyramid
The Great Animal Search by Caroline Young, illustrated by Ian Jackson
There’s a ton of animals to look for on each page and a bunch to learn about them, too. Each 2-page scene is a different habitat. Habitats include: forests, swamps, deserts, the arctic, rainforests and many more. I was very glad for the answer key and I admit I had to use it!

The Great City Search by Rosie Heywood
Shows what goes on under the streets, how a skyscraper is built and more.

The Big Bug Search by Caroline Young
Takes a close-up look at some of the world's most amazing bugs in their different habitats.

The Great Planet Earth Search by Emma Helbrough and Ian Jackson
Featuring plenty of things to spot around the world, including volcanoes, rivers, animals and more.

The Great Undersea Search by Kate Needham
Explores underwater habitats, from coral reefs to Arctic waters, from the ocean bed to the rocky shore.

More Look-Puzzle-Learn books: 
The Great Wildlife Search
The Great World Tour
The Great Dinosaur Search
I had great fun with these books. I hope you do too!

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