Monday, April 23, 2012

A Dozen ABC Books

Like all picture books, ABC books are NOT just for little kids! ABC books have such variety, with such opportunities for cleverness and humor, my adult self absolutely loves them. And my students did too – from kindergarten to fifth grade!

One of my favorite ways to read ABC books is to cover up the words on the page and try to guess what’s on the page that represents the letter. This is not always easy!

Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod
When I discovered this book, I knew I had to do an ABC book post. It is just so great. Written comic book style, each page is fun to read (especially aloud!) and to look at. Say this: Multiplying Mike becomes many more men in moments.

The Racecar Alphabet by Brian Floca
This book begs to be read aloud – either by you or someone else. It has such a wonderful sound, like, Drivers daring dodge the danger.

The Disappearing Alphabet by Richard Wilbur, illustrated by David Diaz
This is a collection of twenty-six short poems wondering about what the world would be like if any letters of the alphabet should disappear. A short example: At breakfast time, the useful letter T preserves us all from eating Shredded Whea.

Z is for Zookeeper by Marie and Roland Smith, illustrated by Henry Cole
This book is all about zookeepers and their role at the zoo. Letter topics include animals, brooms, disinfectant, veterinarian, keys, and locks. It is a 2-level book; each letter has a short poem about the letter, plus a side section with more information. The authors have also written several other ABC books.

K is for Kick by Brad Herzog, illustrated by Melanie Rose-Popp
Each letter has a simple rhyme: J is for the jerseys that soccer players wear. For older readers, there are specific details about the game: goaltending, referees, the World Cup and many other aspects. Check out the author’s other ABC books about sports.

The Beetle Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by David Biedrzycki
If you are a bug lover, you’ll be a big fan of this book. Besides showing a beetle for each letter, it also explains what makes a beetle a beetle. The bug pictures are huge – perfect for bug lovers!

Pignic by Anne Miranda, illustrations by Rosekrans Hoffman
The annual family pignic came only once a year. Each pig family member (there are 26 of them, of course) brings something from the alphabet. I tried to guess the food on each page – not always successfully!

A is for Abraham: A Jewish Family Alphabet by Richard Michelson, illustrated by Ron Mazellan
This book covers the history of Jewish traditions and customs and how they are practiced today. It is a 2-level book, with a poem about each letter and also more in-depth information on the side. It is a truly beautiful book.

Calavera Abecedario: A Day of the Dead Alphabet Book by Jeanette Winter
Every year, Don Pedro and his family make Calaveras (papier-mâché skeletons), for Mexico's Day of the Dead fiesta. This book has one for every letter, using Spanish words. Some were easy for me to figure out, many I had to look up in the glossary at the end. This is a fun book.

My first Bob books: Alphabet by Lynn Maslen Kertell
This is a set of 12 books, with 2-3 letters in each book. Each book presents words starting with the letters (octopus, ostrich, pigs, puppy). Then the words are put in sentences. Octopus and ostrich join the pigs for pie! The pictures are clear line drawings and would be perfect for copying and coloring.

M is for Mischief An A to Z of Naughty Children by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter
Angry Abby, Fiendish Frankie, Lazy Lenore… These are NOT nice kids. Each of the 26 kids has a rhyme that tells all their bad habits. The kids, the rhymes, the illustrations – hilarious!

Alphab’art Find the Letters Hidden in the Paintings by Anne Guéry and Oliver Dussutour
There are 26 famous paintings and each has a letter hidden in it. Some of the letters are easy to find but some are definitely not easy. Fortunately, the answers are at the back.

I have an idea for you. My friend Patricia Newman is an author of kid's books [check out her guest post]. She also has a blog and on her blog she has a special contest for kids. It's called Kids on KidLitIf you go to her site you can read all the details but basically you just:
  • Read a Book
  • Write a book review
  • Send it to her
Do this and she will:
  • Publish your book review on her blog (very cool!)
  • Enter your name to win a book - she gives away one book every month. (also cool!)
So why am I telling you about this today? I think reviewing a bunch of ABC books would be great. Patricia doesn't care how many reviews you write, so read and review!

Check back next week for another dozen ABC books. But… if you add your favorites to the Comments Box, I can have more than a dozen!

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