Friday, April 20, 2012

Amazing Music Sites for Kids

Some say music makes the world go 'round. I don’t know if it makes it go 'round but it does make it more fun! Thanks again to Dylan Glanzer for her Marvelous Music Books for Kids (Monday's post) and Music and Literacy in Early Childhood (Wednesday's post). Today I have some music sites for you. Enjoy!

You can create your own tunes with the Littlest Pet Shop characters.

Mighty Book
The songs on this site (Bingo, Found a Peanut…) are animated with the words to sing along with.
If you like classical music (or are just curious), check this one out.
These songs tell a story.

To start, click on the play button on the left. Find the piano keyboard picture at the bottom of the page. Use the keyboard to make a song. Try some of the other pictures on the page, too – they look like fun!

The following sites are ones I recommended last September.

Fun Music Games

Sphinx Kids
This site is all about classical music. You can listen, create, and play matching games. If you like classical music or you just want to learn a little more about it, try this site!
Note: You may need to download a free Shockwave Player

PBS Kids
You can learn about jazz and become a band leader. I thought I made some pretty good music!

I hope you enjoyed these sites. Do you have others you like? Add them to the Comments Box!

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