Monday, April 2, 2012

Books for Celebrating Easter: Part 2

Here are some more books, as promised in last week's post on Easter Books. Easter is on Sunday so we'd better get reading!

The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Moon
One day a little bunny found an egg. He could hear something inside the egg. He does what he can to find out what it is. This book was written in 1947, the same year as the author wrote Goodnight Moon. I love this book – it’s one of my favorites.

Celebrate Easter: with Colored Eggs, Flowers and Prayer by Deborah Heiligman
As the title implies, this is broad-based Easter book. It covers the worldwide celebration of Easter with fun pictures and text that give simple captions and brief descriptions.

The Story of Easter by Patricia A. Pingry
This is a small board book, with colorful pictures. It tells the Christian story of Easter in simple text.

I Love Easter! by Hans Wilhelm
Noodles the dog goes on an early-morning Easter egg hunt. He can’t find his best friend, Teddy, so he shares his eggs with his other friends. This is a Level 1 Scholastic Reader.

Easter by David F Marx
This book offers a simple introduction to Easter and some of the ways it’s celebrated. The text is easy and the photographs clear and colorful. Its part of the Rookie Readers series.

The Birds’ Gift retold by Eric A. Kimmel, illustrated by Katya Krenina [sorry, no link available]
A little girl discovers many golden birds caught in an early winter storm. The villagers take in the flock and care of them through most of the winter. When they return in the spring, the birds have something for the villagers. This is a retold folktale of the Ukrainian pysanky eggs.

Sawdust Carpets by Amelia Lau Carling
The Lau Family have been invited to spend Easter with their cousins in Antigua, Guatemala. Though the Laus are Chinese and Buddhist, they love their relatives' celebration of Easter . The creation of spectacular sawdust carpets is one of the best parts. This is a beautiful book - it made me want to go to Guatemala to see the carpets and the procession they were part of.

Easter by Nancy Dickmann
This is a very basic Easter book that covers the story of Easter and some ways people celebrate. Each page has a picture and a one-sentence caption. This book would be a great introduction to talking about Easter.

I hope you have a lovely week and an even lovelier Easter!

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