Monday, April 9, 2012

Start Reading with Bob Books

I first discovered Bob Books when I taught Kindergarten. Bob Books is a series of books that gets kids reading in tiny steps, with each book building on the one before it. The first books are 12 pages long and the later books are 16 pages. The Early Readers, their newest books, have 28 pages. All the books are written by Lynn Maslen Kertell and illustrated by Sue Hendra.
When Bob Books asked me if they could send me a couple of their new readers I accepted the offer happily. I’ll tell you about them first and follow with the earlier sets.

But that's not all! :) Bob Books Has graciously given me the opportunity to give away a set of their new Early Readers, The New Puppy and Cupcake Surprise. Just add your comment in the Comments Box and one lucky winner will receive a set! [Sorry, the book giveaway is over.]

The New Puppy
Jack and Anna want a new puppy. They talk their parents into getting them one but soon find out that the puppy is a handful. As with all the Bob Books, the illustrator shows great facial expressions with just a few lines. The last pages of the book have a set of word cards with helpful illustrations on the flip side.

Cupcake Surprise!
Jack and Anna decide to bake cupcakes for their dad’s birthday. All goes well until some surprises fall in the batter. Will the cupcakes be okay? This book also has word cards at the end.

Bob Books Set 1 Beginning Readers
Book 1 has only 4 letters – MAT and S. Then each book after it adds a few more letters. By book 12, all the letters are used (except Q). In my classroom, these are books I used the most. Reading them again make me smile all over again!

Bob Books Set 2 Advancing Beginners
The stories are a little longer and build on the Set 1 books.

Bob Books Set 3 Word Families
Building on the Set 2 books, there are 8 story books, plus 2 Activity Books.

Bob Books Set 4 Complex Words
These stories have a little harder vocabulary than in Set 3.

Bob Books Set 5 Long Vowels
This set introduces long vowels.

My First Bob Books ALPHABET
These books introduce the letters of the alphabet. A Parent Guide offers tips and activities.

My First Bob Books Pre-Reading Skills
This set covers pre-reading skills such as identifying basic shapes and recognizing simple patterns.

Bob Books Listen and Read Series
The 12 books of Set 1 are combined with audio CDs.

Don't forget to add your comment to the Comments Box for a chance at the new Early Readers from Bob Books[Sorry, the book giveaway is over.]

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