Monday, July 9, 2012

6 Marvelous Books by Maxwell Eaton III

I have been a fan of Maxwell Eaton III's books ever since I first read Best Buds several years ago. I used that book over and over in my classroom with all grades. Fifth graders found it as hilarious as second graders. There's just something about Eaton's humor that makes me smile every time I read his books.

Read on to find out about his 2 series and a single picture book.  

The Adventures of Max and Pinky Series
Max and Pinky are best friends. Max is a round-headed boy and Pinky is a clever pig. There are 3 books in this picture book series and I love them all. This series proves what I always say:
Picture books are not just for little kids!
 Best Buds
Max and Pinky have an adventure together every Saturday. But the question is – where’s Pinky this week? This may seem like an odd clue, but think marshmallows.

Max and Pinky decide to play superheroes. The problem is, Pinky wants no part of being Mighty Max’s sidekick. How will they resolve this problem?

 The Mystery
Max and Pinky decide to paint the barn. But something is going on – it’s repainted the very next morning. The best friends investigate. Check out their alarm system…

The Flying Beaver Brothers Series
Ace and Bub are the Flying Beaver Brothers. Ace loves extreme sports and is always looking for a new adventure. Bub loves napping and, well, napping. Their adventures are told in 2 (so far) graphic novels. I hope there will be more…
Read slowly, because there is funny stuff on every page.

 The Evil Penguin Plan
Penguins threaten to freeze Beaver Island to create a resort of polar-style living. Ace and Bub put their talents to work to save their home. Can they save Beaver Island in time to still win the annual Beaver Island Surfing Competition?

 The Fishy Business
This time Ace and Bub are after another evil group. Fish Stix Environmental Manufacturing creates sticks (not fish sticks) that have no real purpose but they say are good for the environment. Ace and Bub discover what they are really up to and plot to ruin the company’s plans.

 Two Dumb Ducks
The two ducks are Steve and Carl. Steve likes cans and Carl likes socks. After being tormented by rude seagulls, they decide to get even.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do! 

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