Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Promoting Literacy during the Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics starts Friday. :) The Olympics provide lots of opportunities for research, crafts, food, games and family reading fun. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Research: Use online resources and books.
  • Olympic history
  • Individual sports
  • Individual athletes
  • Participating countries
  • London
  • Flags of countries
  • The Olympic torch
  • More ideas on the sites listed below
  • Eat like an athlete
  • Food from different participating countries
  • Create your own family/neighborhood/school Olympics. There are lots of ideas on the sites listed below.

Lots of Olympic information.

The following sites are official London 2012 Olympics sites.
Do you want information about a particular country’s team? Try googling 2012 Olympics [country]. For example, try 2012 Olympics USA, 2012 Olympics Australia, 2012 Olympics Jamaica

History, information and many activities

The official London 2012 video Sport at Heart (wonderful!), printables, crafts, puzzles, information, recipes and more.

Crafts, food, quiz

Information, crafts, games (I like the mascot idea)

Games, activities, crafts

Crafts, activities and ideas.

The following sites are more classroom-oriented but also have some ideas that could work at home.
Math, music, history and more.

Education World Part 1 Part 2
Math, reading, language, art, activities, sites and more.

Mostly worksheets but also a Reader’s Theater script, called Olympics Dialogues.

Researching for this post has me psyched for the Summer Olympics now. I hope you are psyched too!

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