Monday, July 23, 2012

Get the Olympic Spirit! Olympic Books for Kids

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London start this Friday. :) Get in the spirit with these books. They will give you information about the sports, the athletes, a little history and even give you ideas for your own Olympic games.

 The World's Greatest Olympians by Michael Hurley
This book follows 11 outstanding Olympic athletes. It tells briefly about each athlete and why he/she is so great. Some of the athletes are famous (Carl Lewis and Michael Phelps) and some not so famous (Usain Bolt and Chris Hoy). Other books in this series:
Great Olympic Moments
High-Tech Olympics
The 2112 London Olympics
The World of Olympics

 Olympic Sports: Gymnastics by Clive Gifford
If you are looking for informtion about individual sports, this is a great series to check out. Gymnastics gives information about all kinds of gymnastics: floor exercises, the vault, parallel bars and others. There is a nice glossary in the back, plus a list of books and websites for more information. Other books in this series:
Basketball and Other Ball Sports
Combat Sports
Swimming and Diving
Track and Field

 Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds: The Sammy Lee Story by Paula Yoo, illustrations by Dom Lee
Sammy Lee was a Korean American who dreamed of being an Olympic champion diver. However, he was unable to practice at the local pool due to discrimination. This story tells of how he worked to overcome the obstacles.

 Dream big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Olympic Gold by Deloris Jordan, illustrated by Barry Root
This picture book is written by Michael Jordan’s mother. It shows his dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal. It goes on to show how he worked to make it happen.

 The Kids Summer Games Book: Official Book of Games to Play by Jane Drake, Ann Love and Heather Collins
Do you want to create your own Olympics? This book gives lots of ideas. You’ll find more than 150 games and activities. There are indoor games, water games, and games for just one or two players.

 Going for Gold! by Andrew Donkin
This book tells about 6 Olympic athletes: Jesse Owens, Shelley Mann, Mamo Wolde, Daley Thompson, Jennifer Capriati, and Kerri Strug. It gives information about the athletes and their sports.

 Jesse Owens: Olympic Star by Patricia McKissack and Frederick McKissack, illustrated by Michael David Biegel
Jesse Owens started life in a very poor family. Through hard work and overcoming hardships, he became an Olympic legend. He also challenged Hitler’s racist beliefs about whites and people of color.

  Ancient Greece and the Olympics by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Osborne
This is the nonfiction book to go along with Hour of the Olympics, book #16 of the Magic Tree House series. I gives lots of information about Greece back when the Olympics first started. It also tells about how the old Olympic and the new Olympic games compare. There are resources listed in the back for more Olympic information.

  Wilma Rudolph by Victoria Sharrow, illustrated by Larry Johnson
Wilma Rudolph had an illness called polio when she was a kid. This left her unable to walk. Rudolph worked hard to learn to walk again and then went on to become an Olympic racer. She was the first woman to win three gold medals in track in the same Olympics.
Another book about Rudolph:
Wilma Unlimited by Kathleen Krull, illustrated by David Diaz (The illustrations in this book are really great.)

I can't wait to watch some of the Olympics! What are your favorite events?

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