Wednesday, October 3, 2012

7 Ways to Use a Map at Home: Guest Post by Jacquie Fisher

I recently read a terrific blog written by  Jacquie Fisher about using maps at home. Since I am a big fan of maps, I loved it. I asked Jacquie if I could use her post on my blog and she graciously agreed. Here is the first half - just click on her link to read the rest.

7 Ways to Use a Map at Home

Lately, some of the most common questions in our house are "Mom, do you know where this country is?" or "I heard about this place on the news/in school, where is it?"
My response?
"Let's find it on the map."
A map, globe or atlas is one of those great items that almost everyone refers to but few people think, 'Oh, let's buy a map for the house'.  So, to encourage you to get a map for your kids, here are 7 easy ways to use a map or globe in your home:

1.  Maps and Globes Help Us Keep Perspective
They help kids to see the big picture of the world and how our city, state or country is just a small piece of a larger planet.

2.  Locate Where Relatives Live
Use pictures of your family members and post them close to the city/state/country where they reside.  Kids will begin to appreciate just how far people travel to see them.  And for military families, kids will have a better idea of where their loved ones are stationed.

3.  Track Your Family Vacations
It's always fun to see how far away you'll be from home.  Put a small dot or tack on all the places you visit and by the time your kids are teenagers, they'll have a great visual of how 'worldly' they've become!

For more fun ways to use maps at home, visit Edventures with Kids

Jacquie Fisher believes that learning is a fun and lifelong experience – and should always involve exploring new places. She’s raising two very curious kids in Kansas City, along with one faithful dog and an unimpressive garden. When she’s not planning a new experience, Jacquie blogs at Edventures with Kids where she encourages families to try new activities, get outdoors and read with their kids.

Thanks, Jacquie!

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