Monday, October 1, 2012

Map Books: Keys to Your World!

I love maps and can spend hours looking at them. Why? I guess they help put order in my world. And yet ... they also open me up to brand new possibilities. Some of these books are about maps and how to read them. Others are atlases, which are books containing maps and all sorts of fun information.

 My Map Book by Sara Fanelli
I'm a big fan of this book and used it a lot in my classroom. It tells about a kid's many maps: bedroom, treasures, family, neighborhood and lots others. It inspired me and my students to draw maps of our own lives (some were pretty outrageous).

 Kat's Maps by Jon Scieszka and others
Kat is a truck who loves maps. She draws them all the time. She gives a map to her friend Jack and he sets out to follow it. This is a Ready-to-Read Level one book. The story is interesting, easy to read and has lively illustrations. Perfect!

 There's a Map on My Lap! All about Maps by Tish Rabe, illustrated by Aristides Ruiz
This is from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library. It uses classic Dr. Seuss type rhymes and covers the many different kinds of maps. The Cat in the Hat is the tour guide and the 2 kids from The Cat in the Hat go along. This is a fun book with lots of information.

 Maps and Mapping by Jinny Johnson
A cartographer (map maker) describes what maps are. She also explains how maps are used, why they are important and some of their history. Many pages have fun lift-able flaps.

 Looking at Maps and Globes by Carmen Bredeson
This basic book gives a clear introduction to maps and their parts. It's part of the Rookie Read-About Geography series. Other books in the series include several about the continents, countries and cities, plus:
Map Keys
Map Scales
Types of Maps
We Need Directions!

 Map Types by Ann Becker
This book covers street maps, atlases, political maps, globes and other types of maps. The illustrations and text are very clear. Also part of this series:
Map Parts
Reading Maps
Drawing Maps

 Barefoot Books: World Atlas by Nick Crane, illustrated by David Dean
I really like this book. Each chapter covers an ocean or continent and includes a map illustration with interesting things you might find in that part of the world. The text is clearly broken into sections such as physical features, climate & weather and natural resources. There are fold-out pages and a separate world map.

 Beginner's United States Atlas by National Geographic Kids
Each main section of this book is about one of the regions of the U.S., such as The Northeast, The Southwest, etc. Each region contains chapters about the states in the region. The state maps are clearly drawn, with photos of places in that state. State facts are also included. This would be a good atlas if you are planning a trip that covers several states.

Wednesday's post will be by Jacquie Fisher. She'll tell us 7 Ways to use a map at home. Good stuff!

I wonder... are you crazy about maps, like me? Write about it in the Comments box!

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