Friday, February 17, 2012

Online Read Aloud Sites: Part 1

Although the best (by far!) read alouds are with someone sitting right next to you, with you both looking at the book together, these sites give another way – online. The sites offer a variety of stories, both for young kids and older ones. Check them out and see which ones you like. My suggestion? Sit with someone else and listen together!

There are three stories read aloud in British English (classy!). Interactive so kids don't just listen. (hint: conker = hickory nut)

These read aloud Clifford stories have a cool feature: they let the reader choose some of the words to fit into the story. The words you choose affect the illustration.

This is a subscription site, but there are sample books for kids to read and listen to. If you love this site, consider a subscription. There are plenty of free books to try – new ones and classics such as Beatrix Potter.

Famous actors (James Earl Jones, Betty White…) from the Screen Actors Guild read well-known stories like Harry the Dirty and The Rainbow Fish. Very fun.

This is a somewhat unusual site. Mrs. P (the actress Kathy Kinney) introduces her stories with rather odd stories of her own. Although the stories are shown with some illustrations, a lot of what you see is Mrs. P reading in a very entertaining way. The stories are all on YouTube.

Not all the stories included in this site have audio, but some do. Just scroll down to find the stories with the speaker symbol.

I hope you enjoy these sites. Next Friday, I’ll suggest 6 more!

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