Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Promoting Literacy with Valentine’s Day Fun Part 2

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This week’s post has lots of activities to try at home: coloring pages, songs, fingerplays, word searches, writing ideas and more.
Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages


Word Searches – You can find Valentine’s Day word searches online but creating your own is a better literacy idea.
  • Brainstorm a list of Valentine’s Day words.
  • Give each family member a piece of graph paper to create his own puzzle.
  • On the graph paper, write the letters of each word in the squares.
  • Fill in the unused squares with random letters.
  • Exchange searches.

V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E Words
Using the letters in Valentine, create other words. Examples: lend, tin, live… If you want, you can make it a contest to see who gets the most words. You can also give extra credit for longer words.

Simple writing prompts for Valentine's Day from Reading Rockets, plus a few of my own
  • Coupon Book Create a Valentine's Day coupon book for a family member or friend, full of simple things you will do to show your love and friendship.
  • Letter Write a letter to your Mom, Dad, grandparent, brother, or sister telling them why you love them.
  • Personal Memory Describe a time when you felt especially loved.
  • Acrostic Poems Write an acrostic poem using a word like MOM, FRIEND, LOVE, or VALENTINE. Try this interactive acrostic learning tool from ReadWriteThink  [very cool].
  • Conversation Heart Poems Choose the heart(s) you want to use (or pick randomly, without looking). Glue down the hearts, leaving space for your own lines in between.
  • Conversation Heart Stories Start with one or more conversation hearts. Let them be the dialogue in a story.
  • Want to know more about conversation hearts? All about Conversation Hearts

Valentine Word Scrambles
Make your own with your brainstormed words or try these:


Cool heartbeat demonstration
In A Heartbeat I love this!

I hope you haven’t maxed-out on Valentine’s Day yet because this Friday I have 50 Jokes for Valentine's Day!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: March 7th is World Read Aloud Day. It is sponsored by LitWorld, an organization that strives to unite literacy efforts across the world. I will post more information as the day gets closer.

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