Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine’s Day Books to Make Your Heart Sing: Part 2

Did you enjoy last week’s Valentine’s Day books? Well, here are a dozen more!

The Ballad of Valentine by Alison Jackson, illustrated by Tricia Tusa
What a wonderful book! I don’t know what I like better, the clever words or the just as clever illustrations. Based on an old folk song, these rhymes are so much more fun. You don’t need to know the original tune to enjoy this book but if you can sweet talk someone into singing it, all the better.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Delores by Barbara Samuels
Delores has been banned from her sister’s bedroom because Delores was always borrowing Faye’s stuff without permission. But Delores couldn’t help herself from borrowing one more thing. Bad idea. Now Delores has to figure out how to solve this new problem without Faye finding out.

If You’ll Be My Valentine by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Fumi Kosaka
A boy writes valentine verses to the important ones in his life: cat, dog, little sister, grandmother… Each verse tells a specific way he’ll treat the Valentinee (is this a word?). This might inspire you to be creative with your own valentines.

Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist: Attack of the 50-Ft Cupid by Jim Benton
Franny is a mad scientist who lives in the attic of her family’s house. She is brilliant but doesn’t really pay attention to things like holidays. Somehow she manages to create a 50-foot Cupid, which causes all kinds of problems. This is book 2 of the series. I found it to be very funny.

Valentine Hearts selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrated by JoAnn Adinolfi
This is a nice collection of Valentine’s Day poems. Some poems are sweet, some are funny and a few are a little sad. If you’re looking for a poem to copy inside a card, one of these might work. But be sure to add the poet’s name if you do!

It’s Valentine’s Day by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Yossi Abolafia
What can I say? Jack Prelutsky writes funny poems. I think these would be perfect for family read-alouds.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Emma! by James Stevenson
Witches Lavinia and Dolores hate Valentine’s Day. Emma and her friends love Valentine’s Day. Who will win their duel of wits? This graphic novel is great fun – don’t miss the green rat drool!

Mouse’s First Valentine by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Buket Erdogan
Little Mouse follows his big sister around the house as she gathers red paper, lace and other supplies. This is a very simple, charming book.

Big Bob and the Magic Valentine’s Day Potato by Daniel Pinkwater, illustrated by Jill Pinkwater
Have you ever heard of the Magic Valentine’s Day Potato? I hadn’t either! Big Gloria thought she’d made him up by now she’s not so sure… I laughed several times while reading this book.

Slugs in Love by Susan Pearson, illustrated by Kevin O’Malley
Marylou loves everything about Herbie (her list of what she loves about him is hilarious) and writes him a love note (in slime, of course). He doesn’t know who she is and sets out to find her identity. I smiled and chuckled all through this book.

The Bookstore Valentine by Barbara Maitland, illustrated y David LaRochelle
Mr. Brown owns the Black Cat Bookstore. It’s a busy place so he hires Miss Button to help out. They like each other immediately but are too shy to tell each other. How will the bookstore cat and the bookstore ghost get them together? This is the third book in this easy reader series.

Love, Splat by Rob Scotton
Splat the Cat likes Kitten. He makes her a special valentine but is afraid to give her. This book is sweet but has illustrations that will make you laugh. I like how Splat shares his thoughts with his best friend, Seymour, a mouse.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is great fun!
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