Friday, February 24, 2012

Online Read Aloud Sites: Part 2

Last week, I suggested 6 sites that offered read alouds. Here are 6 more!

This is an Ebookstore site but there are 6 free books to try out.

If you are a Mem Fox fan (like me!) you’ll want to check out this site. There’s lots of other information, but to find the read aloud part, click on Hear Mem Read Aloud.One drawback – you’ll have to provide your own books. This link has only Mem Fox reading, there are no illustrations. But Mem Fox’s reading is pretty great so you might want to check this out.

This site has lots of things to read and do. The Book Zone section has books both to read yourself and to have read aloud.

This is a unique site because the stories are both read aloud and signed (American Sign Language). It’s quite cool.

This site has read alouds for Arthur books, fairy tales, animal stories and more.

Smories are original stories for kids, read by kids. There are over 300 stories, all read by kids. Pretty neat.

I’d love to hear which sites you enjoyed the most. Write them in the Comments Box!

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